Vendor Programs

Rely on Us for Custom Vendor Finance Solutions

Apex Leasing & Finance, Inc.

Will develop and customize a Vendor Finance Program (VFP) for your organization. This brings many advantages without creating any liabilities.

Proven Benefits

Reduces Risk

You can shift your group’s credit relationship to our company through our seamless VFP. It will reduce risk without sacrificing the connection to your customers.

Controls Sales Conversations

The VFP enables you to concentrate on payment and not price. This allows you to keep your sales conversations focused on the additional revenue that new equipment can help deliver your end-users.

Increases Your Sales

We combine our unparalleled knowledge of the industries we serve with an array of funding sources to produce very high approval ratios for your business.

Generates Additional Revenue Streams

Lenders always provide financial rewards for the volume of business they receive. Your organization can also be a recipient of these.